A City Silent

from by OUTRIGHT



I saw you beat her
I saw you shake her
I saw you spit and deprive her soul
You tried to maim her
Lived to degrade her
Dictate her life to make you feel in control
I saw you bruise her
Watched you abuse her
Saw all your shame manifest in her screams
You see me grow up
Watch as I move on
And you expect the same for me

Never again

To tragedy from trust
Ignored for long enough
Harmed twice – once by the tyrant
And again, by this city’s silence

As a child I saw your fists and ran away
I dropped and hid behind that wretched wall
But it wasn’t you I feared or hated that day
It was your culture that thrives on my being controlled

Never again

When we avert our eyes
We’re all complicit in
Everything our painful silence hides

To tragedy from trust
Ignored for long enough
End this city’s silence


from AVALANCHE LP, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


OUTRIGHT Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore
est. 2010

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