New Seeds

from by OUTRIGHT



Paralysing doubt and shame
Tension rising, distorts the brain
Quickened breathing, panic builds
Shaking, reeling, hot sweats run chilled

These walls may feel like they’re closing in
But the horizon is ever growing
This world may feel like a dying rock
But new seeds are ever sowing

Terrorising the inner self
Not prioritising happiness and health
Addressing ailments, every cut and cold
Ignoring the one that makes us whole

No matter how dark it gets
I need to know it’s not just me in this
So when I can’t see the light
I’ll remember it exists

Learned to believe that the sky may fall
The world against me beyond my door
The growing dread tells me to hide away
But I’ll take control – I won’t be afraid of today


from AVALANCHE LP, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


OUTRIGHT Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore
est. 2010

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