With Your Blessing

from by OUTRIGHT



All of my trust in you dies in time

Brainwashed out all your sense
No excuse for the consequence
Blind faith hides you from the truth
When unearned trust defies all proof

All reason lost
You honour him despite the cost
Fear of god profound
My screams don’t make a sound
Whose shame is this?
Mine for seeking justice?
Or his or yours
For keeping it behind closed doors

When you protect
Him, it’s me you both neglect
Defend a smile,
Not the welfare of your own child
We can’t speak out
In case the truth incites doubt
Then you question why
I refuse to look you in the eye

Did you ever wonder
What else he could have done to us
With your blessing

With your blessing
My faith is gone
With your blessing
His crusade goes on


from AVALANCHE LP, released October 3, 2014



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OUTRIGHT Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore
est. 2010

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