from by OUTRIGHT



Love to believe in a god you can’t see
Ignore the world changing before you
Denying the science of life dying beside us
While pride and greed are a virtue
What will be gained when nothing remains
Resources you rape reject us
This planet adapts, its forces react
Then we see how we infect us

The self-fulfilling prophecy
Of man striving for divinity
No grasp on this reality

Get on your knees and look through the trees
Emptiness burns in your eye
All you’ll have left is a pile of debt
Since all you banked on died
Look to the skies, pray through your lies
For a heaven lying in wait
Your paradise here destroyed by fear
Hell on earth is what you create

Nature is the rapture that wipes this world clean.

Rains of ash. Burning skies.
Drowned lands. Choking cries.

Wipe this world clean.


from AVALANCHE LP, released October 3, 2014



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OUTRIGHT Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore
est. 2010

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