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Digital download and LPs released 3 October 2014

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*** In the interest of safety and well being, we offer a TRIGGER WARNING for depictions of domestic violence in 'A City Silent'.
We urge all our listeners and friends to visit sites such as www.wdvcs.org.au for 24 hour support in times of crisis, for information or advice to help a loved one, or to donate much needed funds to the Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service of Victoria.


released October 3, 2014

Recorded between April and June 2014 by Joel Taylor at Three Phase Studios in Brunswick, Australia.
Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit in Van Nuys, California.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.
Cover art by Duncan Long.
Layout by Patrick Galvin.

Reason and Rage Records - RRR002
All music and lyrics by Outright.

Jelena - Vocals
Linc - Guitar
Joel - Guitar
Brett - Bass
Rory - Drums


all rights reserved



OUTRIGHT Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore
est. 2010

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Track Name: Troubled
When you wait for consent
Not for me to fight you off
When you disregard her dress
And hold account for your own thoughts
When those she knows the most
Give her the least to fear
When the only cause is rapists
And victim blaming disappears

When we start intervening
And you check your privilege
Then I’ll stop screaming

When she can speak her mind
Without an acid burn
When the rules on my body and life
Are only my concern
When the honour’s in her courage
Not being killed as property
When it’s not just “the way it is”
So we can live strong and free

Is it too much trouble for you to change?
Is it too much trouble to challenge others?
Your inconvenience aside,
This defines our lives.

We’re troubled.
So we’ll be troublesome.

To live free and safe
Rule our own lives and satiate
Our potential, our will
Our right to fight (to grow, to be)
So we fight still. Go!

Be troublesome
Until we’re intervening
And you check your privilege
Then I’ll stop screaming
Track Name: Forging On
Agonise future aberrations
Settle more than setting goals
We reach, falling into the dark
Drag ourselves over coals
We lose like we’ll lose every time
Give in before giving more
Miss out while missing the point
Of why we tried at all

Each fault does not mean failure
It’s my success at forging on
Your outcomes don’t define me

If patience is a virtue
I need to make it mine
Like the surging water
Grinds rock over time

I choose to last the journey
Climbing from sit to stand
I learned from every struggle
When each day is an ordeal
The waves keep crashing to shore
My gain is each stroke on the tide
Every whitewashed breath restored

And I keep rising up for more

I’m not held down now
Because I’m not defeated
So don’t you underestimate my will
I adapt and through perseverance
I’m stronger still
Track Name: Avalanche
This rage builds like an avalanche
Pressures rise before the storm
This calloused world will force the brightest stars to dull
And the strongest hearts to conform

Compassion seen as weakness
A kindness to exploit

This rage builds like an avalanche
See my calm before the storm
I know I’m not alone
Snowflakes pressured into icy boulders
All it takes is our one strong voice
To bring the avalanche
Track Name: The Collapse
The doors opened
Fate rushed before me
As the wall closed down
On the lives of three
Bodies crumbled
Drowned from a wave of stone
The weight of greed’s trash heap

This cold harsh wind blows
I set my sails
This cold harsh wind blows
I lift my wings

Breathing gravel
And blinking salty dust
We tore our hands
Throwing off each deadly brick
As sure as hope
As dark as their pooling blood
I’m not the same
Trauma makes change
We’re dead. We’re scared. We’re sick.

But then
A proclamation – “I subsist”

Flashbacks from rubble
One arm clawed through
One last clutch at light
We exist

One fate, One try, One choice – defy
Let go and live
Track Name: A City Silent
I saw you beat her
I saw you shake her
I saw you spit and deprive her soul
You tried to maim her
Lived to degrade her
Dictate her life to make you feel in control
I saw you bruise her
Watched you abuse her
Saw all your shame manifest in her screams
You see me grow up
Watch as I move on
And you expect the same for me

Never again

To tragedy from trust
Ignored for long enough
Harmed twice – once by the tyrant
And again, by this city’s silence

As a child I saw your fists and ran away
I dropped and hid behind that wretched wall
But it wasn’t you I feared or hated that day
It was your culture that thrives on my being controlled

Never again

When we avert our eyes
We’re all complicit in
Everything our painful silence hides

To tragedy from trust
Ignored for long enough
End this city’s silence
Track Name: Old Roots
Track Name: Iron String
We are the ones
With more at stake
And nothing to lose
But the futures we’d make
Time on our hands
Not on our side
A world set to burn
By those who’ve not tried
We know the risks
No compromise
Our vision is greater
Together we rise
Hands in the dirt
Not in the air
Creating a world
That others won’t dare

We find a void to fill
A new idea to will
An energy we feed
The community we need

Sift through the ruins
Collect remains
From the roots grow ideas
Motivation for change
Stone by stone
Foundations set
We build the bridges
And live out of step
This is our refuge
Wide open doors
Each to their own
With a vital cause
A better life
By ourselves, for ourselves

Self-reliance in defiance
Of a world that drags us down
Independent, we defend it
From the dollar, from the pseudo crown
We empower those who cower
From being made with another’s clay
We determine victors from vermin
Honour those living their own way

“Trust yourself – every heart vibrates to that iron string”

Nothing was ever gained
From holding back
Track Name: Rapture
Love to believe in a god you can’t see
Ignore the world changing before you
Denying the science of life dying beside us
While pride and greed are a virtue
What will be gained when nothing remains
Resources you rape reject us
This planet adapts, its forces react
Then we see how we infect us

The self-fulfilling prophecy
Of man striving for divinity
No grasp on this reality

Get on your knees and look through the trees
Emptiness burns in your eye
All you’ll have left is a pile of debt
Since all you banked on died
Look to the skies, pray through your lies
For a heaven lying in wait
Your paradise here destroyed by fear
Hell on earth is what you create

Nature is the rapture that wipes this world clean.

Rains of ash. Burning skies.
Drowned lands. Choking cries.

Wipe this world clean.
Track Name: With Your Blessing
All of my trust in you dies in time

Brainwashed out all your sense
No excuse for the consequence
Blind faith hides you from the truth
When unearned trust defies all proof

All reason lost
You honour him despite the cost
Fear of god profound
My screams don’t make a sound
Whose shame is this?
Mine for seeking justice?
Or his or yours
For keeping it behind closed doors

When you protect
Him, it’s me you both neglect
Defend a smile,
Not the welfare of your own child
We can’t speak out
In case the truth incites doubt
Then you question why
I refuse to look you in the eye

Did you ever wonder
What else he could have done to us
With your blessing

With your blessing
My faith is gone
With your blessing
His crusade goes on
Track Name: Barbarian
Sucker for your leader, hooked in
Believing false constructs as doctrine
Hatred and death based on fiction
Perpetuate the pain and friction

Are you human or a walking flag?
Your ignorance is a waste of that body bag
One dead mind costs a million bodies more
As the cost of war

Losing neighbours to your patriot’s mast
By closing your mind you’re losing it fast
The young can’t say where they’re from or where they stand
Before they’re blasted from their mother’s hands

No borders. No pride.
No masters. No lies.

Track Name: New Seeds
Paralysing doubt and shame
Tension rising, distorts the brain
Quickened breathing, panic builds
Shaking, reeling, hot sweats run chilled

These walls may feel like they’re closing in
But the horizon is ever growing
This world may feel like a dying rock
But new seeds are ever sowing

Terrorising the inner self
Not prioritising happiness and health
Addressing ailments, every cut and cold
Ignoring the one that makes us whole

No matter how dark it gets
I need to know it’s not just me in this
So when I can’t see the light
I’ll remember it exists

Learned to believe that the sky may fall
The world against me beyond my door
The growing dread tells me to hide away
But I’ll take control – I won’t be afraid of today

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